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Because we don't invest in education in the area, you have crime. When a person doesn't have the tools to survive, they have to tend to other means. That's selling drugs, that's hustling. Because they weren't given the tools to go out there and compete the way they were in Brentwood, Beverly Hills, and Calabasas.

The hood is the hood because down to the core, the investment for education is poor. And everything else that is negative – poverty, unemployment, crime, murder, and deep distrust of the police is a result of that. -

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Military Spending VS Education
Incarceration Spending

Where's The Love?

This map show how much each state spends per year to educate an elementary or secondary school student compared to the cost of keeping an inmate in prison. Learn more

incarceration vs. education spending map
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All artist royalties, and Interscope Records proceeds from the sale of “#WHERESTHELOVE” will be donated to the i.am angel Foundation to support programs focused on underserved youth like College Track and FIRST Robotics.

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